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Yongkang Shun Super Teaching Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in China Hardware Capital Yongkang, founded in 1992, was formerly Yongkang Shun super blackboard plant, the development of 2004 capital increase 3.03 million yuan over the establishment of Yongkang-Teaching equipment Co., Ltd., the company registered capital of 10.08 million yuan, specializing in the production of a blackboard, sliding board, a school, apartment bed, desks and chairs, green trash.

The company is owned school with State Education Association member units, is a research, production and sales as one of professional manufacturers, the company in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system, strengthen management.

The company has equipped with automatic linear edge banding machine, six-row drill, high-precision panel saw, automatic pipe bending machine double, single bending machine, automatic cutting machine large spray lines and other advanced complete sets of school furniture, office furniture ....    

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